Backyard Poultry August/September 2021 PDF (Downloadable only)

Backyard Poultry August/September 2021 PDF (Downloadable only)

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Backyard Poultry
August/September 2021 — 16/4


• Photo Essay: Five on a Farm
• All Cooped Up: Salpingitis
• Flock Files: Salpingitis
• Chicken Shawarma
• Lemon Chicken and Orzo
• Victorian Sponge Cake
• Coolest Coops
• Coolest Coops: Editors’ Choice/Grand Prize — Chicken Barn
• Coolest Coops: Facebook Voters’ Choice — The Chick Inn
• Coolest Coops: Instagram Voters’ Choice — Pinehill Cottage
• Coolest Coops: Honorable Mentions
• Emergency Chicken Accommodations
• Coop Design Elements to Keep Your Flock Safe
• Potential Coop Dangers for Humans
• Tips and Tricks for Setting Up Chicken Coops
• McMurray/APA Flock Inspection
• Do Chickens Have Feelings?
• Rambo the Rescue Chicken
• Art of the Feather
• Emus are Emusing Part 1: Acquisition
• Marlow Chicken Hotel, England
• Secret Life of Poultry: Chickens of Gondor
• Breed Profile: Dorking

• From The Editor
• Coming Events
• Reader Submitted Letters: Something To Crow About
• Ask the Expert
• Flock Photos
Backyard Poultry Bookstore
• Breeders Directory/Classifieds
• Just for Fun