Poisoning Our Children

Poisoning Our Children

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Parenting was never easy. While loving, teaching, and nourishing children, parents also seek to protect them from harm. However, the past few generations have been silently attacked by thousands of artificial, poisonous chemicals carried into homes and children's bodies in our food supply.

The chemical-based conventional agriculture industry claims that the synthesized concoctions they sell as pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides are safe when used as directed. Still, does the scientific evidence truly support their assertions? When pesticide residues are found in 77 percent of all foods in the United States, it's essential to know the truth. Organic agriculturist André Leu has weeded through a wealth of respected scientific journals to present peer-reviewed evidence proving that the claims of chemical companies and pesticide regulators are not all they seem.

Learn the truth behind:

  • The "Rigorously Tested" Myth. Are pesticides tested for safety before going on the market?
  • The "Very Small Amount" Myth. Can even a small amount of chemical residue be harmful?
  • The "Breakdown" Myth: Do pesticides rapidly biodegrade, and are the breakdown products genuinely harmless?
  • The "Reliable Regulatory Authority" Myth. Do the regulatory authorities review unbiased evidence before declaring a product safe?
  • The "Pesticides Are Essential to Farming" Myth. Are pesticides the only thing keeping our planet from starvation?

Sadly, parents must educate themselves on this severe danger to the health and development of our most vulnerable population, our children.

Author: André Leu 

ISBN: 978-1601731401 

Pages: 206