Backyard Poultry — October/November 2021 (Downloadable Only)

Backyard Poultry — October/November 2021 (Downloadable Only)

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Backyard Poultry
October/November 2021 — 16/5


• Photo Essay: Sheltering in the Chick Chalet
• All Cooped Up: Erysipelas
• Chickpea and Egg Curry, Fragrant Rice, and Aquafaba
• Chicken Paprikash and Dumplings
• All-American Lemon Meringue Pie
• Feature: Turkeys and Geese
• Do Turkeys Need a Coop?
• Turkey Health Issues and How to Avoid Them
• Pandemic Claims Turkeys and Bees
• Shetland and Steinbacher Geese
• Barred, Cuckoo, Mottled, and Splash
• Caring for Chickens With Special Needs
• Rodents that Can be a Problem for Backyard Chickens
• Meet the Prehistoric Chickens at Barnacre Alpacas
• The Legend of Red Bottom
• The Victorious Virtuoso
• Lamey
• The Persistent Peacock
• Fresh Air, Sunshine, and Room to Roam
• Writing With Chickens
• Advanced Chicken Math
• Secret Life of Poultry: The Story of Squirt
• Breed Profile: Narragansett Turkey
• Coop Inspiration: 3-Acre Homestead

• From The Editor
• Reader Submitted Letters: Something To Crow About
• Ask the Expert
• Flock Photos
Backyard Poultry Bookstore
• Just for Fun