50 DIY Projects for Keeping Goats

50 DIY Projects for Keeping Goats

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Get ready to jump into the world of goats, one DIY project at a time. Owning and raising goats doesn't have to be an expensive venture. With imagination, simple tools, and salvaged or bargain materials, you can make everything your goats need for their health, safety, and entertainment. Packed with helpful information for goat owners, you'll learn about breeds, housing, nutrition, and more.

Plus, find instructions to learn how to:

  • Build fences
  • Construct a hay storage area
  • Naturally, control harmful weeds in the pasture
  • Make natural worm prevention supplements
  • Build a dehorning box 
  • Create goat play structures
  • Make yogurt, cheese, lotion, soap, and more
  • Bake goat treats
  • And more!

From horns to tail, you're ready to tackle the needs of your goat herd with 50 DIY Projects you can create on a limited budget. Let's get started!