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No matter where you are at on the sustainable lifestyle journey, the Best of Mother Earth News Collection Set is packed with information that’s relevant and helpful. Featuring hundreds of our top articles from years past, it will not take long for you to find the inspiration for your next weekend project or the guide you have been needing to upgrade your homestead. With such a wide array of topics covered, there truly is something for everyone in this illustrious set.

This set includes:

The Best of Mother Earth News, 3rd Edition

If you’re interested in homesteading, livestock, natural health, gardening, DIY projects, renewable energy or cooking, you don’t want to miss this issue! Mother Earth News has compiled more than 45 articles into The Best of Mother Earth News, 2018 to help guide you through whatever project you’re currently tackling or that you plan to take on in the future. From learning how to grow an aquaponics aquaculture to building a beehive and keeping bees, this issue is here for you.

The Best of Mother Earth News Collector Series, 2nd Edition

With over 45 articles covering 160 pages, this is the ultimate self-sufficient guide for any modern homesteader. Featuring a range of topics, such as making solar stills, perfecting homemade cream cheese and sour cream, and learning to make your own potting soil, this issue will help you dream up new and exciting projects for the year to come!

The Best of Mother Earth News Collector Series, 1st Edition

This collector series is 192 pages of expertly written articles covering building and DIY projects, real food and cooking, gardening, homesteading, raising livestock, and natural health. The guide is filled from cover to cover with beautiful color photographs, detailed step-by-step illustrations for building projects, valuable resources, easy-to-follow recipes, and more. Learn how you can turn that unused grain bin into a perfect house, backyard retreat, storage shed, and more.

Best of Mother Earth News, 4th Edition

In The Best of Mother Earth News, all of our top articles from 2019 are together in one special edition. Whether it’s learning how to organize your homestead, manipulate your microclimate, build your dream log home, or something else, the information in this issue will help you take the next step. Inside, you’ll read articles that help you choose the right birds for the meat market; adopt a beehive for your backyard; prepare your homestead with the latest emergency products; get a better night’s sleep with different types of herbs; and so much more!

The Best of Mother Earth News, 5th Edition

Get the best content of 2020 with this Mother Earth News special issue! From articles on starting a small business and selling your homestead products to learning how to build a solar-powered generator and efficiently heating your home, this issue has it all. Whether you are looking for a project to start or are needing guidance to finish a current project, you can find what you are looking for and more in this issue!